Real Foods are about more than any one fad, diet, movement or belief. It’s not embodied by one single author, book, movie or expert. There are no defined diets and the rules aren’t set in stone. Real Foods is about continuing education, and about looking at the past as well as the future while deciding what to eat.

I hope that one day it will be shock if your food isn’t organic. Organic food is a big part of real food. In a perfect world it should be common sense that we don’t want chemicals all over our food and in our soil. As well as organics, real food is about the bigger picture. Food should be seen as a whole, not just the sum of its parts. It’s about food being enjoyable and not merely for fueling ourselves with the right combination of nutrients for peak performance. It’s about knowing what we eat, and not turning a blind eye to the list of ingredients we can’t pronounce. It’s about learning where our food comes from and how it’s grown.

We are very lucky to live in New Brunswick. We have a fantastic variety of real food being grown or produced here. For us, local food is a viable and often healthier option that should be embraced.

At Real Food Connections we are hoping to make it easier to get your hands on local quality foods. We also want to become a resource for local food education. We encourage you to join our community and we will all learn together.